Christalee Bieber

Brooklyn, NY · Resume ·

Welcome! I'm a STEM/maker educator, looking for work in data science/engineering or a role that takes advantage of my technical fluency, communication skills, and attention to detail (e.g. project manager, QA/testing, technical writer, or junior software dev). I'm also open to hardware prototyping and fabrication work. Find out more below or get in touch!

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  1. syntax highlighting & feeds

    I haven't written much about the process of putting this blog together because I want it to speak for itself, but I wanted to write a short note about two features I added today. One was syntax highlighting, using pygment's 'friendly' theme. (Thanks to this gallery for showing off the …

  2. Puzzling Goings-On

    Today, an RC colleague organized a group to tackle a git mystery, in which murder has been done and the clues are hidden in commit messages. My group did not solve the crime within the hour, nor did we limit ourselves to git commands. But we appreciated the spirit of …

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