The Hacktory

Intro to Sensors

When I moved to Philadelphia, I got involved in a local makerspace, The Hacktory. They provided a great platform for teaching others and tinkering on my own projects. Here are a few of the activities I worked on there.

Introduction to Sensors, July 2012 (with Daniel Bergey): Overview

Recycled Electronics Jewelry, December 2012: Photos

Starry Night T-Shirt, April 2013: Slides

Girl Scout Patches

Girl Scout Patches, May 2013: Photos

Meet the Multimeter, July 2013 (with Steph AlarcoĢn): Slides, Handout

LED Lightbox, August 2013: Photos

Introduction to Circuits, September 2013 (with Abby Seligsohn): Slides, Handout

Sew an LED Mask, October 2013 (with Abby Seligsohn): Handout

Costuming with EL Wire, October 2013: Photos

Sew an LED Monster, June 2014 (with Allison Frick): Slides, Handout, Supplies

Sew an LED Mask

Robot Jam, April 2016: Photos