Articles tagged with making

  1. Denim Duvet

    Over the years, I've gone through a lot of jeans. Usually I retire them for excessive rips and holes, although my standards have risen steadily. During the 2020 winter holiday, my partner and I decided to make significant progress on turning this pile of jeans into a duvet cover. This …

  2. Embroidery

    Part of a Wright stained glass windows

    As a child, I learned to cross-stitch. As an adult, I've returned to it as a relatively quiet, clean, soothing hobby I can pick up at idle moments that nevertheless produces something lasting and beautiful. Projects I've been working on include:

    • A rendering …

  3. A Tale of 2 PDs

    Recently I attended two professional development events nominally aimed at "maker educators." They ended up being pretty different experiences, though!

  4. Berrybasket

    In 2013 my partner Daniel and I were teaching at The Hacktory, a Philadelphia makerspace, mostly about circuits. A friend approached us about teaming up with an elementary science teacher for a unit on datalogging in (cardboard) houses, since Daniel's former job involved datalogging in (real) houses. The students were …

  5. The Hacktory

    When I moved to Philadelphia, I got involved in a local makerspace, The Hacktory. They provided a great platform for teaching others and tinkering on my own projects. Here are a few of the activities I worked on there.

  6. Cider Press

    Once upon a time, my friends and I went apple-picking, and decided we wanted to make some hard cider. So we got in touch with a friend of a friend who had a working cider press, drove out to the coast, and pressed some apples. This was great fun, but …