Part of a Wright stained glass windows

As a child, I learned to cross-stitch. As an adult, I've returned to it as a relatively quiet, clean, soothing hobby I can pick up at idle moments that nevertheless produces something lasting and beautiful. Projects I've been working on include:

  • A rendering of one of Frank Lloyd Wright's windows, now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I've charted them out myself, since I didn't realize the patterns were available commercially when I started this project. When I've completed the triptych, I plan to mount them in a float frame or similar so they can be placed in the window, giving an effect similar to the originals.

  • Inspired by another FLW design in the Met's collection, I've charted but not yet started a project using conductive thread to highlight the PCB-esque design of the print. I haven't finished designing the circuit but I anticipate the visible components will include a battery, switch, and several LEDs.

A bouquet of embroidery stitches
  • In an effort to learn non-cross-stitch embroidery, I stitched this floral sampler, which uses different stitches for each component of the design. I chose the colors from the cache of thread I inherited from my mother, and cut some linen from an old shirt to practice on. It was fun and the result is quite pretty, but working on linen is somewhat tricky.

  • My current project is based on a large design of the 4 seasons, using only the border elements: tulips and apple blossoms for spring, seashells and hollyhocks for summer, red leaves for autumn, and snowflakes and evergreens for winter. The center will hold "A love for all seasons" and the names of the recipients. I'm starting with a draft stitching to check that my colors are close enough to what's specified, otherwise I will need to buy some thread. It's an ambitious project but when I spend an hour a day, it progresses satisfactorily.