Denim Duvet

Nearly finished with the denim top

Over the years, I've gone through a lot of jeans. Usually I retire them for excessive rips and holes, although my standards have risen steadily. During the 2020 winter holiday, my partner and I decided to make significant progress on turning this pile of jeans into a duvet cover. This required prepping the jeans by cutting off each leg and trimming them into panels 7" wide, roughly sorting them by color, then sewing them into a spiral with 1/4" seam allowances. The last seams were > 6' long!

Next steps on this project are to learn to use our buttonholing foot, make buttonholes in the denim, attach the bottom layer, and add buttons to finish it off. We look forward to having a second duvet cover to alternate with our current one, which is mostly white and shows cat hair entirely too well.

The beginnings of the spiral