Family Cookbook

My extended family likes to cook, especially at the holidays, and frequently I hear, “What’s the recipe for X? Ask Y, they’ll know.” And then the recipe will be dredged up from memory, or a dusty cookbook, or someone’s text history, or photos of a dusty cookbook from someone’s text history. Fed up with this precarious system, I decided to create a family cookbook, collecting recipes and menus from holiday feasts, ragged binders of handwritten recipes, and even punchcards tucked into my parents’ first Joy of Cooking (now mine). I made some tweaks to the LaTeX cuisine package, primarily to move the recipe step numbers next to the steps, and used it for a first draft of the cookbook. I anticipate adding more content in the future; if you would like to make your own cookbook with this template, check out my style file and/or modified cuisine.sty.