syntax highlighting & feeds

I haven't written much about the process of putting this blog together because I want it to speak for itself, but I wanted to write a short note about two features I added today. One was syntax highlighting, using pygment's 'friendly' theme. (Thanks to this gallery for showing off the default themes!) It was not as straightforward as the docs suggested, in that I needed to generate or acquire a CSS file for my preferred theme. The results are visible in my previous post on PageRank. The first snippet specifies that python highlighting is needed, but the second snippet uses generic ```code``` syntax and seems to work just fine. (Python may be the default, come to think of it.)

The other update is that if you would like to subscribe to my blog, feeds are now available! There is an RSS feed, an Atom feed, plus all.rss.xml and all.atom.xml which are probably identical.

Bonus feature: previous and next links at the bottom of each post, as there are now enough that someone might want to browse through them!