my first pull request

Someone linked me to Compute Cuter, a set of suggestions for cuter text editor themes, fonts, even keyboards and keycaps. The site is by sailorhg, who makes the fairyfloss theme I sometimes use. Looking through the suggestions, I was rather taken with the Witch Hazel theme, but it didn't have an install option for Atom, my text editor of choice. Digging through the documentation, though, I found out that Atom ships with a way to convert Sublime/TextMate theme bundles to Atom themes.

I contacted Thea Flowers, the designer of Witch Hazel, about adding the Atom instructions to the landing page, and she invited me to make a pull request. I figured out that I had to fork her repo, make my changes, and then make a pull request between the correct branches. I also needed to turn off linting in my editor to avoid a bunch of unwanted whitespace diffs - I was really only adding about 10 lines of text. I made my request and the next day, it was accepted, easy as pie. Thanks, Thea!

I also want to shoutout Jany Belluz, maker of Fantasque Sans Mono, my new favorite Terminal font.