What this project is

  • An excuse to scrape and clean some data with pandas, process and map it with Leaflet.JS, graph it with Chart.JS, and review event handling in JavaScript, with a reasonably attractive result.
  • A naive look at the cost of beer, coffee, and bread around the world, based on crowdsourced data.

Data Sources

City Data (by apettenati)

  • City, Country, Latitude, Longitude, and Population data sourced from Simple Maps
  • Region data sourced from Wikimedia
  • City ASCII column used for merging datasets

Deutsche Bank (by apettenati)

Data gathered from Mapping the World Prices 2019:
  • cappuccino
  • 500 mL beer in neighbourhood pub

Expatistan (by apettenati)

Expatistan data used with permission. Data gathered January 2021 on:
  • bread for 2 people for 1 day
  • cappuccino in expat area of the city
  • 500 mL or 16 oz. beer in neighbourhood pub
  • 500 mL or 16 oz. domestic beer in the supermarket


Data gathered January 2021 on:


Data gathered January 2021 on the price of a pint or local equivalent, presumably in a neighbourhood pub

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